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Hobby Blog website has articles related to all the important topics that you will ever experience in your lifetime. Hobby Blog name actually came from my life as the way I started this blog as a hobby.
As I like writing and so started this blog so that I can help some persons with my knowledge of any topic related to any hobby or real life event.

 Hobby Blog contains articles - Fitness at home, Business basics for beginners, Job related articles beneficial for freshers, Interview related, Body care, Mental fitness or any other topic that I think may be important to discuss and can be added to my site hobby blog.

I have some quotes in life that I really believe from heart. Apart from those a tried to write a quote which I strongly believe in.

According to me:

" Everybody salutes the rising Sun

 So, try to be the Sun not the one's saluting !!"   -  Upender Garg