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Paytm mall customer care number and details

Paytm mall customer care number and details

Paytm mall customer care number and details

If you are searching for the contact details i.e paytm customer care number and paytm mall customer care details then you are on right place. As we will give you the contact details that are actually provided by paytm officially. 

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Paytm Customer Care numbers:

  • Bank wallets and Payments : 0120-4456-456
This paytm customer care number is  for your wallets and payments queries. For example if you want to change your wallet password, change the passcode, trouble logging into your paytm account then you can call on this number and get a solution to your problems.

  • Movies and Events Tickets : 0120-4728-728
This Paytm customer care number is used for any queries related to the Movie tickets, Events tickets and Amusement Park tickets. For example- if you have cancelled the tickets but haven't received your money back or you have any promocode but not able to apply or any other issues related to these then you can contact on the number.

  • Paytm Mall Shopping Orders : 0120-4606060
This Paytm Customer Care number is used related to any queries related to your orders on paytm mall. For example- if your order is wrong, if condition is bad or any other query you can contact on this number.

  • Paytm Travel Tickets and Forex : 0120-4880-880
This customer care number is used for queries related to the tickets of trains/buses/airplane booked on paytm and also forex related queries.

Paytm Customer Care help 24X7 :

As in this era where we all are active on social media similarly all the big companies like Paytm are also active on social media and continuously solving queries of their customers. 

So, I think its a good way to follow them on social media like twitter and send them the query as a tweet or a direct message (DM).

Paytm twitter :

Paytm Customer care twitter: ( You can tweet your queries to this twitter handle as this is for customer support and available 24X7. 

Paytm mall care twitter: ( You can tweet your queries related to your orders that you have placed on paytm mall.

For all other queries you can go to the paytm app and click on help option and try to resolve your queries.

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