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How to Activate a Dormant Bank Account | dormant account time period

How to Activate a Dormant Bank Account

How to Activate a Dormant Bank Account

How to Activate a Dormant Bank Account? Can a dormant account be activated?

Well the answer to these questions I have been searching for past some days as you can understand I am not too good in money management.

So to get the answer to  my question I actually visited my bank. I noticed my bank adapted a lot of new technologies in last year and a half. Yeah, you guessed right my last visit was an year ago and I don't even had any ATM card. Yes, shocking right.

So, due to my laziness or you can say my negligence towards my account led to this inactivation of my bank account.

 A Question that you must be thinking is that "what's the difference between dormant and inactive?"

So the answer to above question is that your bank account become inactive when you don't do any kind of transaction for a long period of time i.e. 1 year. Your account becomes dormant when your account still remains inactive for a long period of time i.e. 1.5-2 years.

Now a question that comes in mind is "Can a dormant account be reactivated?"

The answer would be yes. So if you are facing this kind of thing then you don't need to worry as activating a dormant account is damn easy and also fast process.

Another question that you may think that "what documents are needed to open the account?"

For this I am going to tell the whole process of how this works. Activating a dormant account is similar to opening a new account. As every process is similar to that.
  • Visit your Bank.
  • Ask for form to activate the dormant account. They will give you a form along with an application to tell  the reason of why you didn't operate your account?".
  • In that form you need to fill the basic information of yourself i.e. Your name, Father's name, Your account number and the rest you know the same.
  • In Application you need to provide the reason of not operating your account.
  • After that give those forms along with photo copies of ID proof ( mainly AADHAR card in India) and PAN card( It is now mandatory) and passport size photographs.

  • After all this here comes the final step i.e. you have to go through E-KYC. In this they will take your fingerprint scans and will check the authenticity of ID proofs.
After this the burden from side is finished and is shifted onto the side of bank officials. As now they have to do the official work and have to activate your account. 

The account may take 2-3 days to be activated( if no bank holidays comes in between).

I hope you found this article helpful and now afterward you will not afraid whenever this question arrives i.e. " how to activate dormant bank account?". I also think now you would not only will help yourself but will help others as well who are also like us " not regular bank visitors".

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