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Best Ways to Reduce Stress in few Seconds

Best Ways to Reduce Stress in few Seconds

Best Ways to Reduce Stress in few Seconds
                         Image source : Pixabay

Best Ways to Reduce Stress in few Seconds :

  • Close Your Eyes: If you are anytime feeling stress or any tension, just for some time leave your work aside and just close your eyes and try to head down on bench or desk that is in front and try to relax your mind. This method really works for me guys. I hope it works for you too.
  • Play with a kid: This is a really great method because when you play with kids you forget everything and just wanna see that kid smile. This will reduce the stress and every refresh your mood when you will see that kid smiling. Give it a try once.
  • Talk to a friend: This method will work for some people as for those who have some really interesting friends with whom they can talk anytime. 

  • Workout: This is an awesome method of reducing the whole day stress at work. Exercising will remove your stress and also make you healthy. So according to me you should exercise daily. If you don't feel like going to gym and wanna workout at home then see the article Fitness at Home .
  • Drink Green Tea : Recent researches have shown that by drinking 5 cups of green tea daily you can reduce occurrences of psychological distress by 20%.
  • Listen to music: Music is solution to all the stress. When feeling stress just pull your headphones out of your bag and just turn on your favorite music. You will even forget why were you stressed.
  • Try Social media: Yeah Yeah ! I know what you'll say, " Social media is addictive" but Sorry guys its still the best time pass you can ever get. One can never get bored of social media. So feeling stressed just take you phone out for some time and scroll the website.

  • Deep breathing: I know it's quite an old method but guys it's still very effective. Even you can try this method in controlling your anger or even stopping your tears to fall for some time. 
  • Order your favorite food:  Food is great thing to forget any kind of  stress. Just order your favorite food whatever it is - burger or pizza or anything. But don't make it a habit if you are fitness loving person as this kind of food can contain a lot of calories.
  • Meditate: You can try meditation as it helps. Really believe me it works!
  • Go for a walk in the park: Just take a friend with you and just go out for a walk in any park or any little less populated or silent place for walk. You can go alone too. You don't need to talk just walk and just think of some good moments in life. You'll feel better.
  • Open Youtube: Just open Youtube and watch some comedy videos available there and just laugh out all the stress and tension.


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