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10 Most Important Food/Drinks For Weight Loss At Home

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Fat loss, weight loss or being fit without gym are the main dreams that everybody is imagining these days.

We all wanna get fit in no time, without an effort and without giving any pain of exercise to our bodies. But I wanna tell you that

Why I am saying this is because whatever you eat can never make you loose fat in a natural way if you don't exercise for reasonable hours a week.


So, today let's talk about 10 important food/drinks which if included in fat loss diet can be very helpful. I'll not go too deep into scientific facts or anything. But all these foods I am recommending were included by me in my diet and they all worked in positive way. So here is the list:

  • OATS: These are  very important in fat loss. They are a very good option of morning food as they contain great amount of fiber which helps in fat loss. Fiber can fight obesity really well.

  • BROWN BREAD/WHOLE GRAIN BREAD: It's also a great source of fiber and protein. It can also be included in morning diet with oats as well if you are looking for some fast fat loss and are cutting your calorie intake to large amount.
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**NOTE : I had one bowl of white oats and one/two brown bread slices in my breakfast during my weight loss diet.

  • WATER : It is the most important part of your fat loss journey. Consume as much as water you can in a day( at least 8-10 glasses). Keep a bottle of water with you during the workout as to save yourself from loosing so much water in sweat and feeling dehydrated.

  • APPLES: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This quote we are listening for so may decades now and it's still in effect. That's because apple is a complete diet in itself as it contains vitamins, minerals etc. But we are considering apple in our diet because it also contains fiber which fights obesity and also cut our cravings for food as eating fiber makes you feel full for long amount of time.

  • NUTS: As the name suggest I am talking of all the nuts such as almonds, cashews, pistachios ( or we call dry fruits). You all may have heard Don't eat nuts if you want weight loss. But don't follow those people as they are not worth your time. 
           Studies have proved that a handful of nuts a day actually helps in fat loss as the nuts contains  protein and good fats which promote weight loss.

  • COTTAGE CHEESE OR PANEER: Dairy products are on the healthy side. As in this you will get both protein and calcium and that also on low amount of calories. They actually promote the weight loss and should be included in diet.

  • GREEN TEA: Again very important part of weight loss diet regime. It promotes the weight loss by increasing our body metabolism. It also contains an anti-oxidant which promotes weight loss. Actually you can consume green tea 2-3 times a day and one time before working out as it will make weight loss process fast.

  • BLACK COFFEE: If you are not comfortable with green tea then you can try the black coffee. As it also contains caffeine which increase the body metabolism and which further promotes the weight loss process. Try to replace the coffee in your daily diet with the black coffee.
  • ORANGE JUICE: Orange is rich in VITAMIN C. By having a glass of freshly prepared orange juice after the workout can really help in recovery of the muscles and it also contains very less amount of calories.
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  • EGG WHITE: Eggs are also a very important weight loss food. As eating some boiled egg whites after the workout really helps in the recovery of the muscles. Egg white contains large amount of protein and calorie amount is very less. Almost 4 grams of protein are there in one egg white. Try to add in your diet as it's a great source of protein.
                                                 Photo by: Mona Sabha Cabrera from Pexels

So, include these foods in your weight loss diet and do the exercise for reasonable amount of time and after that you will see the magic of loose clothes, slim body, slim face and most important you will see the magic more confidence then ever.

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