Saturday, 30 June 2018

how to make a website in php free??

" How to make a website for free?"-well this question arrives in mind of every next guy who is searching internet and has little or no knowledge of computer languages. As when I was in school I  dreamt of making one website by myself. For that purpose I tried various links like " Make website in 5 min" or "make your website quickly" but these searches on internet were of no use as I ended up with nothing.
It was all after that when I joined engineering and got into some real programming that I learned how the websites are made and become live on internet. So, if you are also a beginner in the world of programming languages and wanna know about the websites then you are on right place as I will try to explain all of you like beginners.

So, guys lets get started with the website stuff. To make a website firstly you need the knowledge of following languages to make your website:

  • client side/front-end languages
  • server side/back-end languages
  • database 
Now, I'll try to elaborate them so that you all would understand them. You all know I don't try to go too deep into logic because I want all of you should be able to understand my article and not only persons belonging to technical field.

  • Client side language: These languages are used to code for the user view or user interface(UI). Coding in this language usually deals with the view that is visible to the user. In case of web development these include: HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY and also AJAX.
  • Server side languages: These languages run on the server. These languages usually get the data from the database. As its like imagine your database as a water tank and suppose the user wants 2 gallons of water so the code in this language will fetch the water from tank or data from the database as according the executed query. These languages include: PHP, python, java etc. But we are using PHP( Hypertext Preprocessor) for our website.
  • Database: It is used to store data. Data can be any text, image or links to pages. We execute queries to fetch the data from the database. In our website we will use MySQL as our Relational Database and SQL as the language for manipulating database. SQL means Structured Query Language which is used to fetch data, update data, insert data and also delete data from the database.
Beyond these these three things mentioned above we need a server as well to run our website on the local computer. So we use WAMP( Window Apache MySql Php) server on our computer. This will work the same as the web server works but we don't need an internet connection in this case to run our website and our website will only be accessible through our computer until we don't make it live and set visible to public.

Well all the information provided above was necessary before starting to building a website. Well I know you guys need some practice of all the languages before we make a website. So for that purpose I'll publish next blogs regarding the languages And after teaching those languages I'll provide you some useful codes which you will use in your websites and I am sure anybody could understand those codes.

I know you'll be thinking already a lot of tutorials are present on internet regarding teaching programming but guys I told this before also I will always try to explain you as thinking you all are beginners. As I know what it feels when You don't even get a simple code of program and everyone else is doing great. So for that purpose I try to share knowledge according to my experiences rather than facts.

Keep in touch with my blog to get more articles. Languages coming soon................

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