Monday, 18 June 2018

hair loss

Well, a warm welcome to all the readers. If you don't know I wanna tell you that all the blogs that I write are mainly from my experience.

Hair loss is a very big problem these days. Most of the people are experiencing this problem these days. Even the young people are facing this and are desperate enough to find the solution to solve this. Well, if that so you came to the right place as we will discuss everything about hair loss. I will not go too deep into science behind all the reasons but yeah will try to explain in easy way.

  • Pollution: It is one of the major causes of the hair loss that all we are facing these days. As when we step out of our homes/offices there is so much dirt present in the atmosphere that affects our hair health. Harmful gases coming out of the exhausts of the vehicle damages your hair a lot.

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  • Not eating balanced diet: A balanced diet is very important for our body. We need all the nutrients from our diet. As today our diet is like this when we are fitness freaks we are completely on diet and only focusing on protein and when we are not on diet we are like eating anything I actually mean anything like our favorite food that may contain no nutrients but only harmful fat and calories. Always try to have a balanced diet for proper growth.
  • Not taking care of your hair properly: By this I mean that you maybe not taking good care of your care. And by care I mean that you maybe not cleaning your hair regularly. You all should understand if you are facing problem of dandruff then its nothing guys it's just the result of your carelessness towards your hair. As cleaning your hair on regular basis is very important for hair growth and health.

  • Genetic factor: Well this factor also affect your hair texture and hair loss. I know you can't do anything about this but yeah you should know this and should not get upset.

  • First of all, you should taking your hair health very seriously. So you should clean your hair very regularly.  
  • Applying oil on your hair is very important as it  helps in hair growth. So you should oil your hair almost twice a week( or more if you want). Use natural oils and always use a mixture of two or more oils.                                                As combination of two or more oils adds more value to its nutrition. Don't get confuse you can use easily available oils like mustard oil+almond oil+coconut oil( you can add any natural oil but the oils that I told are very helpful especially coconut oil). Also try to warm the hair before applying it on your hair as it helps in hair growth.                                                                           It's a very old way of massaging your hair scalp with warm oil but yeah it still works perfectly. You know right that old is gold. 
  • Try to keep the oil on your hair overnight as oil requires time to go up to your hair roots and make it strong. You all should know that mostly oils have VITAMIN-E ( the nutrient beneficial for our hair growth). Vitamin E is beneficial for skin as scalp is also nothing just skin on your head so this vitamin when massaged improves the skin of scalp so by that it improves the  hair growth as well.
  • Use a proper shampoo to wash your hair. Use shampoo which suits you. As some people use mild shampoo and some use strong shampoo to wash their hair. I would recommend to use a anti dandruff shampoo( as I use this shampoo) and shampoo for at least once or twice a week depending your shampoo is mild or strong.
  • Avoid using hair styling gels and creams on regular basis well if  you take my advice I would recommend to use them only on parties or special occasions. If you wanna use one of  them use the product of very high quality and of great brand.
  • Avoid combing your hair when its wet and try to dry your hair before combing it.

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