Saturday, 9 June 2018

fitness at home!!

Well this is a question whose answer everybody is searching for these days. Don't you think so ?
I know everybody is so much busy in their respective works. I can totally understand as I am also experiencing this situation now a days.

So that's why it become so much important that you workout and achieve fitness at certain level so that you can keep yourself healthy and moving and can achieve self goals without any interruption of sick day. Well, yeah we all know sometimes one sick day can cost you so big at your work.

In this article I m not saying fitness like six pack ab fitness or building big muscles and look like a bodybuilder. Well, if you thinking about that fitness then its a no no from me as I will not explain that because for that kind of fitness there are so big experts present on social media whom you can follow.

I will talk about normal fitness I mean fitness that may not build you big muscles but yeah you will definitely feel more fit and light and most important stress free and healthy heart and body.

One thing that I love about working out is that it not only make you physically fit but also make you mentally fit also. According to me if you workout for at least one hour a day you will feel so much fit and healthy not just physically but also mentally that you will fell less stressed and also your mind will work even better then ever.

Working out is so essential for heart's health also. I will not go too deep into medical terms but will explain in easy words that it increases the level of "GOOD" cholesterol in your body and reduces the "BAD" cholesterol. It also reduces the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure as it controls your body weight.

As we all know how important is our heart so to keep it healthy we should exercise on daily basis. Either exercise one hour or two hour but its very important to keep our body in active state.

Other important factor concerning our body healthy is diet. As we all have heard that their is less nutrition in vegetarian diet. Well its somehow right but we can include some foods which can add nutrition to our daily diet plan.

So in diet we should definitely include nuts( almonds, cashews, walnuts, peanuts ) and other nuts also but these I have discussed are easily available anytime. We should eat a handful of nuts daily as they have "GOOD" fats in them which are required by the body and they also are helpful for our heart.

Also try to include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Spinach, broccoli are a great option to include in diet  as they are good source of fiber, protein,iron  and lower your blood pressure and are healthy for your heart also.

We all should take out some time from our busy lives and try to invest some on our health too. See, you all should understand this that we all are now working so hard and giving no time to our health and so spoiling our health. Its a point to worry because it may take years to earn money and fill our bank accounts but it may take some days to empty it once your health deteriorates.

So always give your health equal importance as you give to other works. Workout, stay fit and live happy long life.

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