Thursday, 31 May 2018

Reason I choose engineering !!

In my hometwon if you are intelligent in school and by intelligent I mean if u studied well during the exams and didn't even know the names of the chapters before the exams. So, it is assumed that u will take sciences in your higher studies.

Well same thing happened to me as during school time I was proudly an intelligent student(no laughs but frankly I was so proud at that time). Then came the time when I had to choose between not as usually Medical or Non medical but in my case it was MBBS or not MBBS. I dont know how at that time I said no to a lot of gifts and perks and chose NO MBBS that means non medical.

I think its just a myth right that u choose the subject u like whether its biology or maths. First of all, how can u judge a subject from lower classes as when u choose u come to know that this subject is totally different and more vast and more difficult that what we studied earlier.

So after that big day came when I entered an engineering college. So we come to the question,"why I choose engineering?". A main reason was that I wanted to (as I watched a lot of movies) and other reason was that I didn't know about any of the other courses to opt.

Today, with so much advancement we have a lot of facilities like a lot of career related advice stuff is present on the web, a lot of motivational stuff also available and with help of this we can plan our future with more knowledge instead of choosing it instantly knowing nothing.

As maybe u may have interest in some topic but its possibility that u may not know that some course is available related to that topic so as to make your interest as your future career. As there are some courses which are highly discussed but other options are also available as well which can also lead to a bright future.

So according to my advice choose any career but u should have proper knowledge about the path that u are choosing as what are its positives and negatives. After that follow your heart but... with some brain also.

So think twice before choosing any career. Everybody should read the biographies of famous personalities as those are very motivating and informative. As today these books are even available for free(on subscription basis on kindle). And these books are available easily to anyone having internet.
So check the links below and read them.

Links to some good books are here:

Monday, 28 May 2018

facewash for men

As the summers have arrived so people are mostly frustrated of the sun and the sweat.
To solve this problem its always recommended to wash your face properly whenever you come home from outside.

But in this time only washing face is not enough as the harmful UV rays coming out of the sun can cause damage to our skin. So in order to protect our skin from the damage its better to use something like a facewash.

Using facewash can help you to great extent as it can reduce the amount of damage done by the sun to our skin. But best facewash that I would recommend would be Garnier facewashes. As they deeply cleanses the skin by removing the excess oil, dust,dirt and all the other waste impurities for a fresh looking and clearer skin. They also prevent the formation of  pimples and acne by removing the extra oil from the skin.

So I would recommend to try these if u have not tried them yet. For better results apply them twice a day.
Some of the links to these facewashes are given below:

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Unbeatable Kings

Well well well whoever said that cricket is a game of uncertainties that person is so much correct.
Who could have imagined that after losing so many wicket for so less runs a team can not only win but with 5 balls spare . just wow.

Well that team is not other than CSK i.e. Chennai Super Kings. Well to be honest when the season started no one imagined that CSK would show so much wonders once again and beat the other power hitters full teams like those RCB(Royal challengers Bangalore), MI(Mumbai Indians) .

At the end CSK reached the final and thats the magic of our captain cool Dhoni. I have never seen any player so cool in so much pressure situations like where u could even bite ur fingers with your nails in stress.

But a lot of credit goes to faf Du Plessis as he used his experience to build the innings and taking his team to a big win. But it was a very brave decision  from CSK as in such important match they changed the position of Ambati rayudu( lead run scorer for CSK in ipl 2018). But the decision paid off as Faf played one of his best innings on IPL as that also on real great time. Well done Faf

After this win CSK have shown that it doesn't matter whether they are coming up after 2 years of break but still they have the same enthusiam, passion to win and reach the finals. As now they are just one step away from lifting the trophy once again.

I think next matches will also be exciting like this one. Now one team have booked its spot in final match and now is the turn of other teams to compete and knockout each other.